About Us


MYD was established in 2001 by two senior structural engineers who were previously part of the renowned structural consulting firm Miller Milston Ferris. MYD began as a small humble firm with only two engineers and one CAD drafter. Over the years the company has grown immensely and currently comprises itself with over 20 employees . It has gained a well-deserved spot within the respected field of consulting firms through its consistent reputable growth. Both Co-directors Davood Davoodi and Peter Marzullo have dedicated their combined years of experience to build MYD into the well-recognised company it stands at today.


As a well trusted company what MYD sets out to achieve is all based on what their clients envision. Every project is approached with the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail in order to ensure that the end product matches our client’s expectations. MYD is very fortunate to have the employees that it has as they are what help shape the back bone of the company. All our employees work very diligently and apply themselves to the best of their abilities in various sectors within the company . MYD’s director’ s both hold a high level of respect and confidence in its employees and as a team we nurture the one vision for ongoing success.