Building information Modelling involves processing and the design of structures by collaboratively using one coherent system of computer models. It offers a range of benefits in terms of cost and time factors as well as an overall efficient accurate analysis which maximises the avoidance of errors and any alterations due to loss of information. The core part of BIM is the software that enables the production of 3D modelling and information management. BIM is a technologically advanced system used widely across AEC industries internationally.

At MYD we have been implementing the latest BIM system which has enabled us to produce high quality designs. Other specific benefits of BIM are listed below:

  • Greater coordination of drawings
  • Better understanding of design through the use of 3D visualisation techniques
  • Better understanding of construction sequences
  • Optimisation of building performances
  • Maximise Cost control
  • Enhancement of construction field workflows
  • Maximise safety and profitibality of projects